The demand for PVC Fences is on the rise.  The reason for this is PVC Fences are high quality, long lasting, non toxic, rot and termite free, low maintenance with no painting required, and looks amazing.

PVC Fences are a safe option for containing horses and other livestock.  PVC Horse Fences have no sharp edges that can injure your animals and will flex and return to its original shape after moderate impact.

PVC Fences are Environmentally friendly, an affordable option and a great alternative to traditional timber fencing.

PVC fence
pvc fencing
pvc fencing brisbane

PVC Fencing is better value for money:

Less Maintenance 

No more painting and varnishing! Just hose down your fence and it will continue looking great. Australian PVC Fencing is UV resistant and manufactured to with standard Australian climate, meaning no discolouration even in Queensland!  There is no rot or warping to worry about, which is another reason why PVC Fencing is a great option. 

Less expensive, overall

With less maintenance and less money being spent on repairs you are saving money in the long term. These fences last for 30+ years!  They are environmentally friendly and an affordable option.  The use of Australian products mean that you don’t have to wait for a minimum of 6 weeks to have customs clear your product. 

Styles to suit

There are many different styles of PVC Fencing from Full Privacy to Post and Rail to name a few.  Either way, you have choices!

Pest Resistant

PVC does not rot.  This means little bugs and termites cannot make their homes in your fence saving you in pest management.