We build fences that are long lasting protecting your property, children and animals, giving you peace of mind.  Fencing is an investment that we believe is worth doing well.  Quality fencing will provide you with –

  • A Reduction in vet bills
  • Asset protection
  • Safety against unwanted intruders
  • Increase in property value


rural fence
rural fence
rural fence

Rural and Stock Fences include:

  • Arena fencing
  • Horse/Equine fencing
  • Barb wire fencing
  • Plain wire fencing
  • Dog/Dingo Mesh & Electric Fencing
  • Star Picket fences
  • Copper log fences and
  • Ironbark Fencing

We also treat all of our ironbark posts to reduce pests and extend the life of your fence.  

Rural Fencing Brisbane